Friday, May 18, 2012

AZ SoS Is The Latest Birther

First, birthers asked "Where's the Birth Certificate?" Then they got the birth certificate, and the conspiracy went dormant for awhile, before they realized a simple truth. Unfortunately, it was not "we're conspiratorial lunatics who held a wildly implausible belief without any evidence whatsoever." It was "well, obviously it's a fake!" Rick Perry played that card last year, a Colorado Congressmen declared he didn't think Obama was from here either, and the latest on the train is Arizona's Secretary of State Ken Bennett, who is threatening to keep Obama off the ballot unless given "proof" (apparently something other than, oh you know, the birth certificate) that Obama was in fact born in Hawaii.

Obviously this isn't actually going to go anywhere. But it is still rather incredible to behold.

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PG said...

In fairness, he says he's not actually a birther himself. He just has the craven desire to be elected governor in a couple of years and doesn't want to miss out on the birther vote by failing to take them seriously. Cf. George Wallace on race.