Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Populace of No

McClatchey polls America on the fiscal cliff. And it turns out, we're quite worried about it. 70% say it matters if we make a deal. 74% say that the parties should compromise rather than stay steadfast on principle.

And then voters are asked whether they support various plans for reducing the deficit.

Democrats oppose every option except raising taxes on the rich. Republicans oppose every option, period.

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PG said...

Which is to say, reducing the deficit is not nearly as important to the average voter as it is to politicians. We only have a fiscal cliff because some politicians decided that we needed to be Serious about deficit reduction Right Now. Frankly, if deficit reduction is really so important, there's nothing wrong with going over the fiscal cliff. It will put us back into full-blown recession, but absolutely will do what it was supposed to do: reduce the deficit right away. I'm usually not so much for "a pox on both their houses," but I do get exasperated by the OMG-how-did-this-happen tone regarding the "fiscal cliff" from most speakers on the subject; it was done on purpose! And now, having voted for a continuation of the status quo that first brought us this legislation, we are getting the government we deserve.