Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Standing Against the Tide

Ted Cruz's filibuster of futility has come to a close, but his office claims that the people are behind him: nearly 3,000 phone calls, as of late last night, mostly supportive.

I'm not saying I doubt the figure or the distribution, but I'm curious if a Senate office has ever released figures that said their boss got "almost 3,000 phone calls, mostly calling for his head on a spike."

In related news, just 14% of Americans support defunding Obamacare via government shutdown, versus 65% opposed.

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miacane said...

Not even that, but you need to consider who is predisposed to call their (or others) Congressmen and Senators. It's not the person with a moderate opinion - you're only attracting the extremes. But for a long speech in which he often referenced listening to the will of the people, he continues to ignore the polls: on Obamacare, gun control and so many other issues. On those, he knows better.