Friday, October 25, 2013


Citibank just emailed me to let me know that I have some rewards points expiring at the end of the year. Since I am mandated to use them or lose them, I dutifully logged onto the Citibank "Thank You" website to see what my ~6000 points could buy me.

The website is a disaster. Every page has failed to load at least once if not multiple times that I've clicked on it, making it virtually impossible to browse for items (let alone filter my searches). Once it spontaneously logged me out of my account, causing me to have to start everything over. I finally found a product that I wanted (a cast iron skillet), but I had to enter a new shipping address, and I can't do that because each time I click "submit" the page times out and I have to reinput the information.

In conclusion, clearly Citibank is a failure and must be repealed, and the entire project of private capitalist enterprise has been discredited.

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