Thursday, October 24, 2013

Project Runway All-Stars 3: Initial Thoughts

They don't give us any time to relax, do they? The week after Season 11 of Project Runway ends (and immediately following the reunion special), we begin a new season of all-stars! Some first thoughts:

* When they started to announce the designers' mentor, Jill and I squealed with excitement in anticipation of Joanna Coles. And then it was Zanna Roberts Rassi. Such a quick mutual high-to-low is a rare thing.

* I can't believe there's already been three seasons of all-stars (and that doesn't include the special one episode all-stars challenge they did when the show moved to Lifetime. Everyone forgets about that).

* Andy South changes gender and becomes Ari South, and she still isn't the designer whose look has altered the most. That honor goes to Jeffrey Sebelia, who now looks like an extra from a Jeff Foxworthy routine. Elena doesn't count because Elena looks like a completely new person every single episode, thanks to an infinite array of hairstyles.

* I'm glad Viktor didn't go home. I liked his look and generally like his aesthetic, and think he has more to show. I think Melissa was the clear loser of the challenge though (Korto was a bit lucky to be safe, I thought, and Daniel's usual insanity coin-flipped the wrong way).

* I'm not Seth Aaron fan, but that outfit rocked. Also, his vibe is now more "L'oreal executive vice president" than his previous "hyperactive clown." It's an improvement.

* Elena wins her first ever challenge! No complaints by me -- the look was very cool and very her. I have no doubt, however, that she will still bring the crazy this season.

* Also, I understand she meant well, but greeting the guest judge/theme with "my dad will be so psyched" is probably not the preferred reaction.

* Irena's dress! Va-va-voom! Definitely could have seen that on top.

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