Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sounds Like a Job For...

As soon as a read this story about a woman who was "fined" $3,500 by a company for posting a poor review of their services (it allegedly violated a "non-disparagement clause" in the contract), I immediately thought "this sounds like something Popehat would tackle." So I hopped over to their site, and lo and behold...
By popular demand — which is a polite way of sayingyes, I heard about this, for the love of God stop sending me emails about it — it's time to talk about KlearGear, an online company that sells "desk toys" and gadgets and tchotchkes and such. Tim Cushing at Techdirt has the story.
Poor guys. At least I checked before sending them a link. But it's too their credit that they've carved this niche out for themselves.

(Their post on the subject is good reading, too).

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