Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Apology Acc--Wait, What?

A Norwegian Christian delegation to Israel has apologized for Norway's history of anti-Semitism. Sounds great, right? Norway is seeing increased levels of anti-Semitic activity; perhaps this is a step in the right direction?
Doug Aoibind Juliussen, chair of the International Christian Embassy in Norway, said, “We Christian leaders in Norway, want to apologize and ask for forgiveness from the Jewish people for Norway’s attitude toward you from the Holocaust through Oslo Accords and until this day.”
That's, um, quite a range there. The Holocaust on one hand, and a historic peace agreement between Israel and Palestine on the other. Even if there was a consensus in the Jewish community in opposition to Oslo (as opposed to that position being a small but vocal minority), one still might see it as offensive to see it grouped in with the Holocaust. I mean, seriously.

So, yeah. C- for effort. Circle back and try again.

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