Wednesday, January 18, 2017

They're Getting Bolder

Two weeks ago a slew of bomb threats hit Jewish Community Centers across the country. Today, there was another wave of threats, at least 32 JCCs targeted nationwide. And they're getting bolder: whereas the first set of calls were recordings, this time around the threats were delivered live.

I have numerous friends -- Jewish and non-Jewish -- whose kids have been evacuated from their preschools due to these vile acts. They're wondering how to explain to a four-year old why they suddenly had to depart their school. The kids at that age, thankfully, are generally unaware of what's going on. But it's not just little kids. A Jewish Day School in Minnesota (near where I used to attend synagogue) was affected; eighth graders were reportedly carrying barefooted preschoolers across the snow to reach safety in a nearby empty building.

This is part of the reality we live in now. This is part of the reality which we voted in now.

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