Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Issue is (Jewish) Power

Andrew Mark Bennett has a searing piece in the Forward detailing Jewish Voice for Peace's antisemitic obsession with Jewish power. One striking aspect of it is that it self-consciously does not focus on BDS. JVP has plenty of other sins that can be hung on its head, and Bennett does a good job detailing many of them.

Let me put it this way: reading this article made me want a cigarette. And I don't smoke. That's how good it felt.


marni s said...

This is a very timely post for me as I apparently know a JVPer who is arguing we're all acting in bad faith against JVP.

Anonymous said...

Marni S, you might refer your friend to this blog's posts about Alison Weir. You wouldn't expect a non-antisemitic group to associate with her in the first place, but JVP has had a lengthy on-again, off-again relationship with this "notorious antisemite" who not only lectures JVP about "Zionists ", but also regularly appears (appeared?) at racist venues like White supremacist radio shows and antisemitic newspapers.