Friday, May 25, 2018

New Website, New Syndicator

I've got a new personal website!

I finally bit the bullet and got myself professional(ish) homepage for my academic life. It felt like it was time, and I wanted to nail down the URL.

The new site has links to my CV, most of my articles, and all my popular press publications, as well as a nifty "about me" section. Don't worry though -- the blog is staying right here (to the point where I actually went out of my way to delete the "blog" tab from the website template. Tempt me not, Satan!).

This post is also an opportunity to test-run the new syndication service I'm using: For awhile now, IFTTT has been markedly unreliable, and this past week it seemed to stop working almost entirely. Hopefully, this will result in my feeds being cross-posted more reliably, but there still might be some kinks as I set up my account.

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