Sunday, August 04, 2019

Institutional Jewish Responses To GOP Anti-Semitism: A Minnesota Play

Allow me to present to you a one act play on how the institutional Jewish community responds to antisemitic discourse emanating from the mainstream Republican party. The players are:

  • Rep. Tom Emmer, Minnesota Republican and Chair of the NRCC.
  • Steve Hunegs, Executive Director of the JCRC for Minnesota and the Dakotas.
  • NRCC Spokesperson

Emmer: "Republican donors! Here is the trio of evil Jewish communist billionaires who BOUGHT control of Congress!"
Hunegs: "Hey, Tom, that rhetoric has some incendiary antisemitic connotations. Maybe don't use it?"
NRCC spokesperson: "LOL, get bent."
Hunegs: "Yes sir. And let me just reiterate that Tom Emmer is a true friend of the Jewish people."
And scene.

Ideally, this little play might get placed in conversation with the current box office smash "Everything Ilhan Omar Says is Sharia -- A Ninety-Six Part Epic". Yet, despite the fact that Emmer's dalliances in this sort of antisemitism are actually a bit of a trend when it comes to Minnesota Republicans (paging Jim Hagedorn!), I somehow doubt that will be so.

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