Wednesday, June 15, 2022

The Debate Link Reaches Legal Adulthood

Happy eighteenth birthday to The Debate Link! I started this endeavor in 2004, just after graduating high school. Now it's 18, and I'm 36 -- meaning that I've been blogging for half of my entire life.

There's a sobering thought. Anyway, happy birthday! To many more!


Eccaba said...

Congrats! I've been reading on and off here since just about the very beginning. It's *possible* I found you through Alas. I even remember the ill-fated post at Feministe (or was it Pandagon?). I think this and Dailykos are the only old school blogs that both exist, and I still read. Your writing has really helped me understand a lot of the ways antisemitism functions in my life that I always felt, but had trouble defining. It's hard to imagine what my politics or worldview would like like without this place. I've also sent my fiance (a liberal atheist philosophy professor from an evangelical background) quite a few posts of yours. Between stuff from here, other writing, my personal ranting, and all the meetings he's attended at my shul he recently said, "you know, I think I'm a Zionist".

David Schraub said...

It was Feministe, and goodness that was a long time ago ... though it was still a good four years into my blogging career!