Monday, April 03, 2006

Kudos for Kos

Andrew Sullivan is not a natural fan of Markos Moulitsas, head honcho at The Daily Kos. So when Sullivan gives praise to the uber-lefty blogger, I'm left curious about what's up.

The post is regarding immigration policies. And Kos is showing an advertisement featuring a waving Mexican flag. Whose campaign was it from?

The answer is Florida Governor Jeb Bush. And the voiceover is simply stirring.

It doesn't matter where we come from
Or why we come
We have found opportunity in this land
A better education for our children
The health care our families deserve
A state that has opened up its heart
And has told us, "This is our home"

JEB BUSH, (speaking to the camera in perfect Spanish):
We all want a better life
Together, we're making this all possible in this land
Our house (Nuestra casa)
Our home (Nuestro hogar)

Kos could have pivoted to a standard "look how hypocritical the Republicans are" bit. But he didn't. Instead, he simply wrote the following:
Not just a great ad, but a great homage to the immigrant culture. We can love this nation yet still love and honor the nations we came from. What else is St. Patrick's Day parade? How many Greek flags fly in Chicago's Greek Town? How many Italian flags in Boston's North End?

Not all Republicans are xenophobic haters. Many of them could learn a thing or two from Jeb Bush.

After reading some of the rabid hate that this issue has brought out on the right, it was wonderful to hear a Republican speak the words America needs to hear. And it was even more gratifying to hear a partisan Democrat endorse them.


Isaac said...

Random fun tidbit: in some story (that I'm too tired to dig up) it is claimed that the border of US and Mexico is the one representing the greatest income differences in the world. That is, no where else in the world is there such poverty right next to such wealth.

I can't verify this, but it seems plausible (except for small places like Singapore and its neighbors, or Hong Kong (when it was independent)).

David Schraub said...

Call me Mr. Crack Researcher Man

The statistic you cite is from Stanford Professor David Kennedy, cited in this Fareed Zakaria article.

I am so good at what I do.

jack said...

What has Markos said that qualifies him for the term "uber-lefty". Is that what we're calling loyal Democrats these days?

Anonymous said...

I still resent the implication that most Republicans are xenophobic haters. That's why I don't pay any attention to Kos. It's tough to have a debate with someone who thinks you're incorrigibly evil.