Monday, April 03, 2006

When Brownback Isn't Enough

Let's say you're a voter who wants to restore "Christian" values to America. Sam Brownback's coddling of genocide victims and bleeding-heart statements of concern for North Korean human rights violation just make him too liberal for your tastes. Where do you go?

Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee seems like a good bet. While Rob Anderson finds his poor knowledge of television evolution objectionable, I am more disgusted by his homophobic slap at Barney Frank ("we've seen our country go ... from Barney Fife to Barney Frank"). Homosexuals in Congress? Soon, they'll demanding that we treat them like humans!

All the extremism of Brownback, without any apparent concern for human rights abroad. What can you say--he fills a niche!


Anonymous said...

Poor Barney. Back in '95 Dick Armey made Huckabees comment seem downright subtle when, in a press interview, he referred to Barney Fife as "Barney Fag". He later claimed it was a slip of the tongue. To which Barney replied, "No one's ever accidentally called my mother 'Mrs. Fag'."

Another strike against Huckabee: I read in an interview once that he and is wife hated "I <3 Huckabees". They basically hate everything I stand for.

Anonymous said...

The last post should read "Barney Frank" not "Barney Fife". That Huckabee and his clever wordplay has me tangled in knots.

jack said...

With credit to Huckabee or his writers the guy is REALLY good on the stump, and funny too. He had me laughing quite a bit. I don't really know too much about his politics but he COMES OFF as a centrist and a pragmatist. If he wasn't a Republican I'd already be interested in his canidacy. This guy is the Warner of the Republican primary: unknown with huge potential.