Saturday, May 03, 2008


I rarely drink alcohol. And when I do, I only drink very small amounts (not even enough to get buzzed). It's a source of much amusement to me that this means I can likely never run for President (admittedly, there are plenty of reasons why I can never run for President -- this is just one of the more absurd ones).

But it goes beyond alcohol. Despite four years of debate and four years of college, I don't drink coffee, or any coffee related drinks. Nor do I drink tea. I rarely even drink soda (I'm practically Mormon!). Juice, water, and Gatorade are my fluids of choice.

So it was with a wry smile that I read this hilarious, apparently serious bit from Commentary Magazine trying to make hay out of Obama's choice of Orange Juice over Coffee at an Indiana diner.
The switch from juice to coffee is a rite of adulthood. It's not that Obama seemed to hold himself above the coffee drinkers. It's that he seemed to lag behind them. He's still on fruit juice while the adults are sipping bitter and bracing coffee.

To be fair, even Commentary's readership seemed to think this was a bit ridiculous. But I thought it was uproariously funny, if only to show how thin the anti-Obama gruel is getting. And at least mildly hopeful, in that it appears to have finally hit the extreme outer limit of when campaign gossip gets too frivolous that even sympathetic readers finally rebel.


Cycle Cyril said...

Don't trash a run for the presidency. Bush achieved it without a drop of alcohol. At least not recently.

PG said...

It was OK for Bush not to drink, because he'd gotten drunk so much before and it was part of his Prince Hal, born-again shtick.

I join you and Obama in the childish preference for Vitamin C over caffeine.