Thursday, October 09, 2008

Vote or Die! (Vote, Please)

I voted today. I suppose I could regret it, if Barack Obama morphs into his true, Maoist form in the next few weeks. So I preemptively apologize for my vote, in that case. But somehow, I'm skeptical that will happen. And I'm also skeptical that my vote will be a decisive player in the paradigmatic swing state that is Maryland.


PG said...

The first comment to that post is brilliant.

Julia said...

I'm currently working on my mail-in ballot... the Colorado ballot has more initiatives/amendments on it than ever in history, except for the first time that the public was even able to vote on such things.

But that has me worried... too many people wait until Nov 4th, get into the polling place, haven't thought about any of this issues, take a long damn time (or vote haphazardly, and there are some BIG things on here), the lines grow longer and people give up and go home. Colorado can't possibly go for Obama if young people aren't on the ball.