Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Legal Advancement Roundup

The Supreme Court sweepstakes draws closer to its conclusion, and meanwhile, I begin my quest for a clerkship.

* * *

Ken Waltzer takes on John Mearsheimer's ever-more infamous speech.

Another entry in the just give war a chance catalog.

Yes, we know that terrorist suspect in the attempted Times Square bombing Faisal Shahzad is an American citizen. But still, does he really need to be read his Miranda rights? That's reserved for White terrorists!

Meanwhile, retired general Paul Eaton blasts the anti-constitution wing of the GOP for putting American lives at risk.

Dennis Prager sees another data point for why Whites are smarter than Blacks -- they're tea partiers! Clearly, the only explanation for why Blacks wouldn't want to join a White-dominated movement is that they're irrational creatures.

Obama and Biden interview Judge Wood.

How many anti-Semitic themes can be fit onto one website? The Palestine Telegraph endeavors to find out.

The Phoenix Suns, whose top player is a Canadian immigrant (who wants odds on whether he'll ever be asked to show his papers?) denounce the new Arizona anti-immigrant law.


Tony Henke said...

Just to be clear, Shahzad was read his Miranda rights, albeit after a delay justified under a "public safety exception". Not so terrible, no?

joe said...

I think David is taking issues with people (i.e. Republicans) who insist we shouldn't be reading no MOO-SLIM turrorists no rights.

(AFAIK they never have to read anyone a Miranda. They just can't use his statements against him in court until they do.)

Tony Henke said...

All I know is that David Strauss argued the case that established the public safety exception before the Supreme Court. (And won of course). Ergo, it is wise.