Monday, July 25, 2011

Ding Ding Ding!

I believe Ellie Merton wins the prize for being the first to claim the Norwegian massacre was an Israeli government plot! Congratulations -- though I'm sure you'll soon have plenty of company.

Meanwhile, while it is true that Breivik claimed to be pro-"Zionist" ... not really. Breivik is philo-Semitic the same way that the KKK became friends with the Nation of Islam. They both liked the idea of Black people being separate from White people. Breivik, for his part, likes the idea of Israel because he likes the idea of Jews being somewhere else. His critique of the Nazis was that they should have expelled the Jews, not killed them. He currently thinks that Europe's Jewish population is small enough so as to not constitute a problem, but that America might need to start thinking about getting rid of us. And where better place to put us than in Israel? But while, yes, one of the justifications for Israel's existence is to serve as a haven for when folks like Breivik advocate our expulsion (or worse), that hardly means it is supportive of the Zionist vision to overtly promote said expulsions.

Finally, Glenn Beck compared the slaughtered children in Norway to the Hitler Youth. So folks are just covering themselves in glory all over.


PG said...

Interesting analysis regarding Breivik's views on Jews; rather different from WWPD's take. I haven't looked at his manifesto yet myself... and frankly doubt that I ever will, though if you know of a "just the parts about Jews" edit, let me know. I was so disgusted by the American rightwingers' response (though I'd previously missed the Beck analogy) that I'm mostly not reading much coverage. Pamela Geller: "If anyone incited him to violence, it was Islamic supremacists." Because even at a time like this, how can anything ever be the responsibility of anyone except the Muslims?

Phoebe said...


For what it's worth, WWPD was alerted to the Harry's post by a commenter, and is basically on board with David's analysis. WWPD made some technical errors in her first search-term search of the manifesto. (Somehow it scanned as far as the dhimmitude section, but missed the Nordic-supremacy bit.)