Friday, July 29, 2011

Random Connection of the Day

Two years ago, I posted a baller ad by a New Orleans mayoral candidate named James Perry. It shows his fellow candidates at a public forum answering a question about the "Youth Study Center". Clearly not knowing what it was, the candidates assumed it was something nice, like a library, and started extolling its virtues, saying things like "we need more of them" and "put them in the schools". It was left to Mr. Perry to inform his fellows that "the Youth Study Center is a jail." Love.

Anyway, turns out James Perry is the "Perry" in Melissa Harris-Perry. No wonder he was so awesome!


DM Andy said...

Missed the ad when you first posted it so I hadn't heard of James Perry. The first thing I did was see how he did in the Mayoral race. It's depressing that only 3% voted for him and he was beaten by the first two bozos (the other two bozos dropped out of the race)

PG said...

Do you not follow MHP on Twitter? She mentions James Perry on there a lot.

David Schraub said...

I only just started following her. But I also didn't make the connection until I saw it on Wikipedia.