Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More on Israeli Morons

Israel's anti-boycott law is most obviously a huge win for the boycotters. But it also has accomplished something observers might have thought impossible -- united all branches of the American Jewish community in a chorus of condemnation. In my original post in the matter, I noted the ADL's statement expressing discontent with the law's impingement on free expression norms. Commentary Magazine called it an "unforced error" and a "mistake". And obviously more progressive Jewish organizations have been vociferous in their critiques.

But the true stunner is that it looks like this law is even too much for ZOA's Mort Klein, who said "Nobody was more appalled by the boycott of Ariel theater than me, but to make it illegal? I don't think so."

I mean, seriously? How badly do you have to fuck up for Mort Klein to attack you from the left? Mort Klein criticizing Israel for being too harsh on its critics is like hearing Pat Robertson condemn a "family values" org for being too homophobic. It's a sign that you didn't just go off the deep end, but cracked your head open on the side of the pool mid-leap.

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