Saturday, July 16, 2011

Usain Bolt: The Tea Party's Worst Enemy

The Tea Party is launching a new chapter in South-Central Los Angeles, to battle "the meme repeated and supposedly proven by a series of Racers, Racists and Race-hustlers" that the movement is infected by racism. I'm not sure what a "Racer" is other than someone who runs for a living, but whatever.

Interesting trivia note: Barack Obama got 84% of the vote in California's 35th congressional district, anchored in South-Central LA. Hey, best of luck to the new chapter, which is being led by a man who alleged that the Black community suffers from a "lack of moral character". "Look what they did to the [New Orleans Super]Dome [after Katrina]. In three days they turned the Dome into a ghetto."

H/T: Balloon Juice.

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