Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The BDS Campaign, All Wrapped in a Little Bow

Who would have thought one little tweet could sum up the entire BDS movement in a tidy little package? The tweet, posted on Monday, brags about an Alitalia Pilot who announced "Welcome To Palestine" after landing at Tel Aviv Airport, linking to this story.

Now, right off the bat this gives us two of the most noteworthy attributes of the BDS campaign -- its incredible ability to hyperventilate regarding the most minute of "victories" (a pilot said a phrase!), and its inability to mask its agenda of eliminating Israel (Tel Aviv, of course, is well on the Israeli side of the Green Line). The latter part is quite important to stress, because it is something the BDSers like to obfuscate -- they are notoriously evasive regarding whether they view all of Israel as "occupied Palestinian land", mostly because they believe the answer is yes but know that position is (a) a complete non-starter and (b) would effectively negate any claims they have that they're pushing -- however inelegantly -- for a just solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. What they want is a situation where Jews are once again a minority everywhere -- where the horror of Jews exercising self-determination and directing their own affairs is no more.

That's a little heavy, and I meant this post to be light. What can bring it back -- oh how's this? This story? It's from 2003. That's right -- it's a tweet praising a random person calling Tel Aviv part of Palestine from nine years ago.

Classic. (Via).

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