Monday, March 05, 2012

Ralph Reed Accepts Rush's Apology

Remember Ralph Reed? Sure you do! The disgraced prince of the Christian right, he was famous for bilking his followers while basically following the Jack Abramhoff model of corruption to a T. He's basically a dick, and, more importantly for the purpose of this post, possesses one as well (as far as I know, anyway).

Today, Reed decided to weigh in on the Rush Limbaugh "slut" controversy. To disprove my claim that Republicans, by and large, can't condemn Limbaugh's repulsive behavior? Of course not! He's here to accept Limbaugh's apology and move on:
Rush: apology accepted. Let's move on and talk about the issues. We're with you.

Why, exactly, Reed thinks he gets to "accept" Rush's apology is not altogether clear. As a suspected penis-bearer, the insult wasn't exactly directed at him, so one would think absolution was not his to give.

But this whole "viewing women as human" thing is distracting me, as usual. The important thing is that Reed is ready to move on and get back to standing with Rush. Who's with him? I'm sure we'll find out in the weeks to come that it's "the majority of the GOP".

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PG said...

I think Rush said in his show yesterday that he did his listeners a disservice by sinking to the level of liberals and engaging in name-calling, so perhaps that's the apology Reed was accepting.

Here it is:

I acted too much like the leftists who despise me. I descended to their level, using names and exaggerations to describe Sandra Fluke. It's what we have come to know and expect of them, but it's way beneath me. And it's way beneath you. It was wrong, and that's why I've apologized, 'cause I succumbed. I descended to their level. Don't be mad at them or mad at her. Everybody here was being true to their nature except me. I'm the one who had the failing on this, and for that I genuinely apologized for using those words to describe Ms. Fluke.

This of course contradicts what his defenders like Erickson were saying, which is that such rhetoric was just classic, typical Rush. But it's good for the advertisers to hear, so long as they haven't been listening to Limbaugh's show for years. "Don't worry, this was an aberration, it won't happen again, please bring your money back."