Friday, June 01, 2012

Big Boxing Weekend Roundup

This weekend has a lot of great action. Not to mention game two of the Stanley Cup Finals.

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I posted this on my Facebook wall, but it's good enough for a double-dip -- David Hirsh does a beautiful job discussing the BDS campaign's treatment of Jews parallel to Shylock as BDSers tried to sabotage an Israeli production of The Merchant of Venice.

Peter E. Gordon has a fascinating review of a book detailing the history of the Catholic Church's Nostra Aetate.

"Memes are ridiculous!", he said, while unironically citing a meme.

The latest reports are that Stuxnet was a joint American/Israeli project aimed at sabotaging Iranian nuclear capacity.

Nancy Leong asks if diversity is for White people. She's got a cool paper coming out in the Harvard Law Review arguing that the diversity rationale has the effect of commodifying non-White racial identity. She thinks that's a bad thing, I am more circumspect about it.

J.J. Goldberg looks at several Jewish polls (including the one I discussed yesterday), finds that they're all saying very similar things (to wit, Jews are very liberal).


PG said...

While I think Leong is right to see some commodification of non-white identity, at least in the blog post she sort of glosses over the obvious reason UMich cited benefits to white students: the plaintiff was a white girl, representing all white applicants who had not been admitted despite having better grades/scores than non-white admitted applicants.

What I'd be really curious to see is how a case with an Asian plaintiff would be defended by the universities. (If one goes to a pure grades/scores regime, white people end up needing affirmative action to retain their prior levels of admission.) Do people even bother to research the positive/negative effects of diversity on Asian students, or is it assumed that math/science robots are unaffected? I skimmed Leong's paper, but there aren't very many mentions of Asians and the few there are tend to categorize them alongside African Americans, not whites.

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