Monday, June 04, 2012

Dershowitz's Evolution Continues

A few weeks ago, I commented on Alan Dershowitz's experiences speaking at a "pro-Israel" gathering where attendees booed the President as well as members of Israel's security establishment whose views on Iran they found distasteful. Dershowitz was furious, but I noted that in a sense he was laying in a bed he had made -- it was Dershowitz, after all, who had supported Republican challenges to reliably pro-Israel Democrats like Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) for being too close to President Obama.

Still, his belated recognition that maybe he was backing the wrong pro-Israel horses is something to be encouraged. And we're seeing another step from Dershowitz as he takes to the Wall Street Journal to endorse (gasp) a settlement freeze. A settlement freeze! Signature element of President Obama's supposed apostasy. But now Dershowitz thinks it is a good idea, if done right (basically, paired with an immediate Palestinian return to the negotiating table, and lasting as long as they stay at the table). And he's right -- it is a good idea. But again, who exactly does he think will be his allies and who his saboteurs on this? He'll be backed up by the pro-Israel left and savaged by the right.

And once again, that leaves Professor Dershowitz with a choice regarding what he wants the future of pro-Israel to be. He can't straddle the line forever. He needs to take a breath, perhaps swallow his pride, and recognize who is and isn't his ally in the quest for rendering Israel a safe and secure Jewish democracy.

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