Sunday, August 26, 2012

Body Swappers, Part II

Former Obama supporter ex-Rep. Artur Davis' (D-AL, though he's since switched parties) turn to Mitt Romney is well known. I noted at the time he seemed to be crossing the opposite path of former Florida Governor Charlie Crist (R, now I). And wouldn't you know it if Crist has just come out and endorsed Obama for re-election.

The switch is pretty much complete at this point, I'd say.

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PG said...

From Facebook, my favorite convention commentary so far:

"After watching this convention, I am going to be wary of older black dudes with high top fades."

"HAHAHA - you ain't right."

"Naw, that haircut ain't right. At least not right for this decade. If he hung around more brothers, we woulda told him that."

"Don't hate just cause the dude barely missed the casting call for Pooky in New Jack City.

"That fade was crooked, and the flat top had ridges!!! His barber needs a talking to for letting him leave the shop that way!"