Friday, January 31, 2014

Weekend Roundup: 1/31/14

Very busy at work right now. But I have a vacation coming up in a week. These two statements are not unrelated.

* * *

A fascinating peek at Utah's efforts to reform police raids.

The White House has announced it is looking to provide clemency to low-level drug offenders convicted in the days of overly-harsh mandatory minimums. Reason Magazine wonders if he's serious (both links via Radley Balko).

Maine Supreme Court rules that rules that banning a female transgender student from the girls' bathroom violates the state's anti-discrimination law.

Ken White at Popehat tackles people who compare critical speech to "lynch mobs", "the Holocaust", "witch hunts", and other like terms. Fair enough, but I again refer back to this post. "Bullying", for example, often includes physical intimidation, but just as regularly is "just" speech -- yet even Ken seems to recognize that this legitimately seriously harmful in a way that he dismisses in other contexts.

Meanwhile, Jon Chait tackles the ludicrous opinion of the Wall Street Journal that maybe rich people really are at risk of a Holocaust-style wave of terror. Kevin Drum takes a closer look at why -- against all evidence -- the rich "feel" besieged.

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