Thursday, July 14, 2016

Irrelevant Public Figure A Endorses Irrelevant Public Figure B

Cornel West has officially announced he is endorsing Jill Stein for President, denouncing the woman Bernie Sanders endorsed as a "neo-liberal disaster." (I guess Donald Trump's "authenticity" wasn't enough to win him over). I'm just glad someone who is committed to the practicalities of making progressive change happen was on the Democratic platform committee. One wouldn't have wanted such a valuable slot taken up by someone still infuriated that President Obama doesn't recognize his personal aura of eminence.


Anonymous said...

Not surprised. Dumbass recognize dumbass.

EW said...

On the occasion of West’s appointment to the Democratic platform committee, Schraub remarked that “by far the most likely outcome is that this is essentially the last time we ever hear anything about the platform committee or its work ever again.”

And now that this “Irrelevant Public Figure” has endorsed someone other than the Democratic nominee-in-waiting, Schraub is chagrined to acknowledge that a “valuable slot” on that committee was occupied by West. Oh, if only we could has recruited another relevant public figure to aid in drafting this irrelevant document, just think of all the good we could have imagined we were accomplishing!

But as my momma always said, there ain't no use crying over all the milk we neglected to spill. And, ya kno, there’s some wisdom in that….