Monday, July 11, 2016

GOP Not So Interested in Adhering to Pro-Israel Redlines

Ignoring objections by, among others, AIPAC, the GOP has dropped from its party platform any support for a two-state solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. We've remarked on how this is nominally a redline for who is considered "pro-Israel" -- remarks that near-invariably come tied to an observation that this constraint is imposed only on the left, not the right. And one suspects we'll see it here again -- despite engendering opposition by virtually the entirety of the pro-Israel spectrum, I suspect we'll wait in vain for any editorials proclaiming that the Republican Party is now the anti-Israel party.

Of course, political realities are what they are, and one can understand why major Jewish and pro-Israel groups need to keep pacified one of America's two major parties, even when it seems wholly uninterested in actually listening to what Jews and pro-Israel activists have to say. But if nothing else, perhaps this can cause us to dispense with the fiction that Republicans are listening to Jewish voices whilst Democrats failed to do so. GOP Israel policy is, at this point, almost entirely divorced from what American Jews desire it to be. They're open about that fact, they're proud about that fact, and its time for pundits to forthrightly acknowledge that fact.

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