Tuesday, January 03, 2017

The GOP Congress IS the Swamp

The House GOP caucus has beaten a hasty retreat from its proposal to gut their independent ethics oversight body, thanks to a firestorm of calls from angry constituents. A good example of what angry constituents can still accomplish. But also a good opportunity to start imposing a narrative on 2017.

As far as I'm concerned, the second Trump is inaugurated is the second that the DNC and affiliated organizations should start cutting ads hammering Republicans on ethics. Over and over and over again. Drain they swamp? They are the swamp! And the more quickly that narrative is established, the harder it will be for congressional Republicans to wriggle free of it come 2018. Take this script:
Entrenched corruption in Washington. Politicians in the pocket of Wall Street billionaires. Foreign states interfering in American elections. Unprecedented conflicts of interest. 
And the first thing [John Doe] did in 2017? He voted to "gut" Congress' independent ethics watchdog.
Drain the swamp? John Doe IS the swamp.
No credit for having second thoughts. Run it until they bleed.

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bookworm914 said...

That script is a thing of beauty.
Thoughts on the idea that D's should be pushing hard to fix the pipes in Flint (should do anyway) as part of the messaging campaign against Trump's infrastructure tax-incentives plan, if that actually continues getting advanced?