Monday, January 02, 2017

Welcome to the Future Roundup

Back from a wonderful New Year's celebration in Boston, Massachusetts. And a New Year is always a good time to clean off excess browser tabs. Here are some links that have been cluttering up mine.

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It's rare that I say this, but this Nation piece trying to explain the psychology of (many) Trump voters by comparing them to the bikers Hunter S. Thompson followed is really good (and generally coheres with my sense that much of pro-Trump sentiment is more the product of ressentiment than any cohesive political ideology -- which does not make it any less dangerous,.

The BBC on those who study the spread of ignorance.

If it seems like right-wingers are deliberately trying to sabotage Israel as a bipartisan issue -- you're right. Not to toot my own horn, but perhaps worth reading in conjunction with this piece I published in Tablet.

Politico argues that "Trump Could Be Israel's Worst Nightmare." The argument is a little more complicated can that -- it's really that Trump is Netanyahu's worst nightmare by emboldening his right flank (the Naftali Bennett's of the world), though that in turn would be disastrous for Israel as Bennett's policy platform rests on an array of delusions like "nobody will care if Israel annexes the West Bank but doesn't give the Palestinians who live their full citizenship" and "China will replace the US as Israel's patron".

Jonathan Bronitsky -- he who wonders why more Jews aren't wetting themselves over the absorption of Syrian refugees, like he is -- also thinks that Jews are spending way too much time fretting about the alt-right:"a vague, fringe phenomenon that barely constitutes a 'movement'". Who's the real enemy that the Jews should be fighting? "Themselves." Let me put it this way: I won't say Bronitsky is a self-hating Jew, I'll just say that he's another person whom I sincerely hope he's never called anyone else a self-hating Jew.

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