Saturday, September 30, 2017

Hell's Kitchen: All-Stars!

Yom Kippur began this evening, so obviously the smart move is to blog about a food show. But tonight was also the premier of Hell's Kitchen's all-star season! Long-time readers may recall that I pitched my dream lineup for a "heroes versus villains" HK all-stars all the way back in 2011. That was in the middle of Season 9, and we're now through Season 16 -- and since the lineup skews towards recent seasons, most of my picks didn't make it (I think the only exceptions are Ben from Season 7, and Jen and Elise from Season 9).

Still, the entire lineup consists of people who at least made it to black jacket territory, which distinguishes it from certain shows where "all-star" somehow includes people who didn't even make it into the top half of their season.* So I'm largely happy, and think it's a decently strong set. I fully expect Robyn to melt down in spectacular fashion, but other than that we'll see how people do!

* Back in the 1980s NHL, there were 21 teams and 16 playoff spots, leading one wag to quip that "if WWII was a hockey season, Poland would have made the playoffs." Project Runway all-star seasons are rapidly approaching similar status.

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