Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Old in Town Roundup

I've arrived in Chicago! I wouldn't characterize myself as "new in town", since I've already lived in Chicago (indeed, in this very building) before. But I am feeling very, very old as I try to unpack various boxes.

Anyway, here's a roundup:

* * *

The Antisemitism Cow finally speaks (beyond just "MOO", that is)!

A pretty big storm is developing at Ole Miss, where a tenure-track professor was summarily fired from his position after criticizing "powerful, racist donors."

Also in academic freedom, albeit garnering less attention: students at the University of Dallas trying to form a racial justice club offering "a welcoming, inclusive community" are encountering stiff resistance from the student government (and some faculty). Opponents claim -- I swear I'm not kidding -- that the club can't be accepted because it would mean conceding that the university might not already be inclusive and welcoming of all students.

Trump issues a new wave of pardons, with special focus on corrupt GOP politicos and American paramilitary operatives implicated in the murder of civilians. Utterly disgraceful.

An interesting and thoughtful interview with incoming Congressman Jamaal Bowman, with special focus on his relationship with the Jewish community (Bowman ousted longtime Rep. Eliot Engel, who is Jewish, in this year's Democratic primary).

Colorado Republican Rep. Ken Buck, who is also chair of the state party, announces he will refuse to take the COVID vaccine. The GOP has been flirting with anti-vaxx politics for awhile now, but it couldn't have picked a worse time to topple over the edge.

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Benjamin Lewis said...

Mazel Tov on your new old residence.

I feel like the theme here could be "Just tell it to me straight", headlines about people who need to stop spinning and lying:
1. Ole Miss - I saw the headline about Ole Miss, but I hadn't traced far enough to see the specific details of his position, so "tenure-track" is helpful context. The pretense from the school is that he wasn't "communicating face to face" with his Dept Chair, or something; what an insulting prevarication.
2. Rep Buck - he's trying to spin it as a criticism of jumping the line ("should prioritize elderly and front-line workers..."). But that's obviously not consistent with the statement. He didn't say "I'm not going to get this yet because other people need it more." He said 'I think this is unsafe and I am not going to get it [at all].'
3. The Cow - sets people straight on their antisemitism
4. U Dallas - obviously.

The Bowman interview doesn't quite fit that theme, but is very well-spoken and so pretty much just what I expect from him (residing in NY-17).