Monday, April 27, 2009

Pork Pork Pork Pork!

People who look dumb today: Susan Collins, Chuck Schumer, and everybody who laughed at David Obey.

UPDATE: Alberto Hurtado has the novel argument that, even though Republicans led the charge for removing epidemic preparations from the stimulus bill, it's the Democrats fault for listening to them. Believe me, I am happy to promulgate a norm for the rest of this Congressional session promising never to make that mistake again.

When the Swine Flu doesn't destroy the world, I'll have the joy not just of seeing civilization survive another day, but giving even further demonstration that Hurtado is a tremendous asshole.


PG said...

And after a few challenging comments to Hurtado's posts, questioning both his factual claims and why he's using the term "Mexican flu," my latest comments are in moderation. Ah well.

chingona said...

Apparently the anti-immigrant types aren't the only ones calling it Mexico flu.

David Schraub said...

Yes -- that guy is a tremendous asshole as well.

I don't eat PIG! I've never had SWINE! I'm am so HELLBOUND for saying the forbidden words!

chingona said...

Tremendous idjit, for sure. Even in his asshole-ishness, I still think he's less hateful than the Malkin's and Hurtado's are being here.

There was an op-ed in Ha'aretz about this guy that pointed out that someone who can't say the word "vagina" shouldn't be in a position to make decisions about women's health. A point with which I agree. And then I remember than Bush put a FUCKING VETERINARIAN over women's health.

American right-wingers, setting new lows all over the place.

Bill Abendroth said...

Anybody who brags they are "giving the bayonet to the dictatorship of relativism" falls squarely inside the "Mark Twain Rule:" Never argue with an idiot. People watching might get confused which of you is the idiot."

Having grown up in San Diego, and once been married to a woman from Montreal, I am used to immigration "experts" who live in (for example) assholes who (apparently) have never crossed a border saying stupid shit has long stopped bothering me.

But hasn't Mr. Hurtado ever gone to a doctor? What would he suggest happen with American tourists whose temperatures are outside a given range? By way up illustration, my "usual" temperature is about 97 degrees. At 99, I'm bazooka barfing halloween candy from 1967 (I hope this isn't too technical for people without the proper medical background). I can easily someone whose genetic predisposition is flipped the other way...Not to mention the legions (I call them "Legion," for they are many) of folks who have elevated temperatures because it's a hot day, or they haven't drank enough fluids, or they have any one of a billion other viruses.....

If the American Police State cannot even reduce market glutting levels of cocaine and the precursor chemicals for meth, why do these boomerangs think the Border Patrol can stop a virus?

Finally, I have to take Chingona to task for insisting that someone who can't say "vagina" has no business making decisions on women's health. I recall a very talented and capable doctor who regularly used terms like "vijingo" and "icky sticky"....Wait a minute! That was the blonde doctor on Scrubs. My bad. Nevermind.