Friday, May 01, 2009

Whose Seat?

Apropos Mark Halperin's worry that White men don't have sufficient representation on the Supreme Court (currently they hold 7 of 9) seats, I wonder if conservatives will be as concerned about insuring that Justice Souter's seat doesn't become an effective "White man's seat" as they were about the horrifying prospect (thankfully averted) that Justice O'Connor would be replaced by another woman.

UPDATE: I forgot how conservatives can easily dodge out of this problem: Just nominate the most qualified person! Which obviously means a White guy. 96% of all Supreme Court Justices and counting, so you know you can rely on White Guy(tm) experience!

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Bill Abendroth said...

And here I thought it was back in the day that people actually paid attention to things like the "Jewish" seat. and the "Catholic" seat.

Not that the jackasses worried about white male representation are worried about "quotas"....The only thing that makes me madder than white guys complaining about quotas is Clarence Thomas complaining about quotas......