Thursday, August 29, 2013

People I Don't Listen To

I don't have strong feelings regarding what we should be doing regarding Syria. People who I trust are similarly ambivalent, which makes me feel more secure in my own uncertainty. But there are several classes of person who I definitely don't trust:

* People who are similarly unsure regarding what we should be doing in Syria, but are quite certain that Obama should be impeached over whatever we do (or don't do).

* People who support bombing Syria because their entire foreign policy could be summed up in a Michael Bay movie.

* People who aren't sure what's going on in Syria, but are absolutely sure that the Jews are behind it.

Fortunately, this significantly narrows down the class of persons whose opinions I need to consider.

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PG said...

I'd add to your list, "People who don't seem to have considered the possibility that both sides in Syria may have used chemical weapons." Which unfortunately includes the Obama Administration, which seems to have succumbed McCain-type thinking of "Assad bad ergo rebels good."

Also, the reporting on this has already gone to hell in the classic way: "The conflict of opinion underscores Mr. Obama’s challenge in winning votes in the House and Senate next week and avoiding personal defeat."

Nothing illustrates how far up its own ass the US media is better than a news story that shouldn't be about any individual, but is turned into a partisan score card anyway.