Thursday, March 07, 2013

Whistlin' in the Wind

Israel brought one of its most prominent pop stars, the Persian-born Rita, to perform before the UN General Assembly and deliver a message of peace between the Israeli and Iranian peoples.
‎"I am proud of being Jewish and Israeli. I am about to reveal a piece of the ancient, rich and beautiful culture of Persia. The concert combined both languages intertwined simply and beautifully, just like the prayer in my heart that we, the common people, will be able to make an impact eventually.

"There is a story about a boy who walked into a synagogue and didn't know how to pray like everyone else, so he just whistled with all his might. I have no knowledge of the language of politics, but I will be there, whistle my prayer and hope that it reaches as far as Iran."
In the story she refers to, incidentally, the learned Rebbe of the synagogue declares that the boy's whistle (in my recollection, he blew a note on his flute, but same principle) is what allowed their prayers to ascend and be heard in heaven. May it be the case here, too, that the voices of regular people with a passion for engagement and desire to hear each others songs also heal rifts and create peace where politicians and ideologues have failed.