Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Short of It

If you'd prefer a post on gay rights that's shorter than my last treatise, here you are.

The New York Times reports that the Pentagon might revamp its sodomy laws, bringing them in line with Lawrence v. Texas.

Meanwhile, Kansas Senator Sam Brownback (R) is threatening retaliation if D.C. officials try and recognize gay marriages (link: Andrew Sullivan). If Mayor Williams did choose to endorse gay marriages and/or civil unions, that would be a move by a popularly elected official. But then, I suppose this would be more of that activist democracy I've been hearing so much about.

Of course, this whole drama is all the more absurd in D.C., because they don't even have the same democratic rights as the rest of the country. But don't expect the self-righteousness advocates of the popular will to make that argument.

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N.S.T said...

The people of D.C. don't exactly make a nice case for themselves repeatedly electing "Mayor Crackhead," Marion Berry to public office. Perhpas when they prove mature, rather than the dumbest bunch of cityfolk in America, we'll talk.